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Whenever the title strikes, the gloomy side of my life comes into sight that pulls me back to a vivid memory questioning: Will this child even be able to clear intermediate? But that child of separated parents who aimlessly wandered in the deserted streets finally inculcated a ray of hope within himself but one day with the financial support of Mamu cleared his bachelor’s in Computer Science from IIUI, that child is Me.

5th August 2012 was a debut to my social life as I joined ‘’Green Volunteers ‘’. My passion for Rock Climbing ignited when I took part in the 9th HEC Intervarsity Rock-Climbing Championship on 9th April 2013. My bodyweight of 45 kg helped me to put down my climbing speed from 6 minutes to 38 seconds in only 6 days. I got a Silver Medal in that Championship.

The journey continued; the circle became more diverse when I joined Adventure Academy. The skill that emerged due to Mr. Syed Manzoor Hussain Shah got polished under the fatherly experience of Mr. Saad Tariq Siddiqui (Santa of Karakoram). His punches in the back turned me into a gem of a climber which I realized when I found myself holding a Gold Medal in the very next intervarsity championship on June 12, 2014.

Major accident:

There’s a saying, “THE HIGHER YOU GO, THE HARDER YOU FALL”. This, I realized on January 16, 2015, when I, a non-swimmer and water phobic person, not even wearing any safety jacket, fell from a 30 feet high cliff hit by a rock and then into 30 feet deep water Neela Sandh. Fortunately, I was wearing a fur jacket, which after Allah, saved my life. I didn’t take the “deadly fall”, seriously as it did not any apparent damage. I traveled for 48 hours considering it a minor accident. Later, I realized that it wasn’t that minor as I thought it would be. That fall had given me a gift of several compressed vertebrae, a fractured neck, and loss of grip of my right hand. I was on 3 months bed rest with a neck collar for 6 months.

Came back stronger:

Despite my poor health, I won another Silver Medal in the 11th HEC All Pakistan Intervarsity Rock-Climbing Championship, on 8th June 2015; credits of which I would give to my friends’ constant motivation which did not let the light in me fade away.

Taking a few months off the climbing improved my condition and I was once again able to pursue my passion. Continuing to represent my university as a team captain for consecutive three years, I won another Gold Medal in the 12th HEC All Pakistan Intervarsity Rock-Climbing Championship on 6th April 2016. And on 1st May 2016 won a Bronze Medal in the All-Pakistan Sports Climbing Competition arranged by the Alpine Club of Pakistan at PAF Base Kalabagh.

In 2017, got 1st positions in EME Olympiad & NUST Olympiad, 3 Bronze and 5 Silver Medals in All Pakistan and National Level Climbing Championships and finally after a lot of struggle made a Spot in Pakistan National Climbing Team, after that got climbing training from China.

Also participated in an online voting contest for “International Polar Expedition” and with 39,619 votes got 2nd Place all over the world.

In 2018, got the chance to represent Pakistan in “Asian Games 2018” in sport climbing, and the journey of climbing still going on…

Mushahid Shah

Bike Tours

Here are some of my bike tours vlogs, also you can subscribe to my YouTube channel 😉

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